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Bright Minds Playhouse

About Us

My team and I are operating a small family-oriented childcare center, the difference between Bright Minds Playhouse and other childcare centers is the number of children enrolled in our center is limited. By staying small we can provide quality care and a nurturing atmosphere to every child enrolled. Providing premium service.


Our Core Values

Mission Statement

Bright Minds Playhouse’s goal is to provide children with a well-rounded education that will lay the foundation for kindergarten and beyond.

Vision Statement

As a small childcare center, my goal is to provide a safe and happy learning environment for each child that will stimulate their physical, intellectual, social, and emotional growth at their own pace.


Provide a comprehensive environment that meets children at their unique developmental stage Nurture positive self-esteem by providing an environment for successful experiences.

Our Programs


6 weeks - 24 months

Our caregivers are passionate about providing the best care possible for every baby. All of our caregivers practice a variety of interactions including holding, facial expressions, and verbal cues to connect with and engage your child. 


2 yrs. - 3 yrs.

Our toddler curriculum has been designed to enhance your toddler’s learning as he or she makes friends, builds vocabulary to communicate wants and needs, and shares toys. 

After School Care

4 yrs. - 10 yrs.

Our school-age program offers the opportunity for children up to 10 years old to enjoy fun and
educational activities while developing friendships after school. 


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